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Don’t expect me to run back because you tell me you love me. Don’t abuse the only thing I don’t

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Fall 2012

When September rolls along, I’ll be a happy human being again.
This relationship with anger is just cramping my style.
I’m not an angry person.
I’m waiting for my apartment with two dear friends.
Fun times wait ahead.
I just have to let go of the hurt that people have left me to deal with myself.
But I’m alright.
I’m still smiling.

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i just love

how much time, effort, and energy I put into our relationship.
And I love how it turned all to shit.
Thank you, you may have been the longest relationship.
But you are the most careless relationship I’ve experienced.
I thought I was falling in love.
But actually, I was just a fool.
I hope you enjoy seeing me and what I’ve become.

Thank you… cheers.

pour me another cup boys. I feel nothing.

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